July 31st

Dear July,
During our time together, I’ve thought a lot about growing up. Because I think I might be done? I’m not done growing and changing, I’ll never be done with that. But I think I am properly finished with childhood. That seems so obvious – I’m 25 after all – but it still feels reasonable that this realisation has crept up on me.
I’ve realised that I feel less comfortable than I used to sharing so much of my life. I am still grateful to that people read, and even find joy in, my blogs. More and more though, I want some experiences to be mine to tell. I want to share more stories intimately, on the phone or over wine, in contrast to the scatter gun approach of blogging. The way I tell my stories (and the stories that I tell) might change.
So things might be different around here, July, the next time we meet. Though I don’t suppose that will surprise you. Things always change in the time we’re apart. And that’s ok.
Until then,

Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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