July 5th

Dear July,

Twenty five things that I have learnt about life in the twenty five years I have been alive.
1. Drink more water. It’s worth peeing all the time.
2. If you think your brain is bad, you should go to a doctor because brains can get better.
3. Do the things that scare you.
4. Being yourself is rarely easy and often you have to work at it. But it is important.
5. Wear what you want.
6. Say thank you more and sorry less.
7. Pursue potential friendships. No one ever got mad at someone for wanting to be their friend.
8. Message people you love often and freely. You don’t need something significant to say.
9. Ring people. Skype them. Talk without typing sometimes.
10. The internet is great but it’s not the same as talking with faces.
11. Tell people you love them. Love is a lot of different things. All the kinds are important.
12. Don’t take sunshine for granted.
13. Have weekends. Take holidays.
14. Practice cooking until you get good at it.
15. Learn to say no. It is hard. You can do it.
16. Say yes but only when you are sure it’s the answer you want to give.
17. Just because you are not qualified for a job does not mean you shouldn’t apply for it.
18. Having a job that makes you miserable is at least as bad as being unemployed.
19. Being unemployed is hard but remember: the chances of you eventually getting a job are legit 100%.
20. If you have just moved a long distance you will probably cry a lot. That is normal and ok.
21. Pursue your dreams relentlessly.
22. Ask for help. Asking questions usually makes you look smarter, not dumber.
23. Be proud of where you’re from.
24. Never, ever feel guilty about something that gives you pleasure.
25. Strive to be happy.
Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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