July 6th

Dear July,

At the start of this year, on my very first proper day off in a very long time, I got sick. I got really sick. A chest infection, coupled with a bad reaction to some medication (don’t take expired prednisone kids) meant I was very sick for quite a while. It was hard to escape the impression that my body was falling apart. Coming off the back of two long, intense and stressful years, it felt like my body (finally given a chance to relax) was crumbling around me.
Last week I felt stressed. A combination of small things had concatenated into a week that was very full. When it was over, my body fell apart again. In a smaller ways this time. Gently it still melted into a puddle and demanded to lie still.
The link between stress and illness seems inescapable to me. Stress can make you sick. Sometimes your body wants to stop and it is important that you listen to it. I am still learning how to listen.

Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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