July 7th

Dear July,
I am at a stage with cooking where even preparing food brings me comfort. Today I came home after a long day, the edges of sickness still clawing at my brain. I had waded through work, gone last minute birthday shopping and had a man leer at me on the train. At home, I rummed in the cupboards for what little food we had. I cooked peas with garlic, onion and vegetable stock and mashed them slightly. I boiled some bowtie pasta. My brain slowed to a hum. I crumbled feta over everything. The process is mediative, as all busy parts of my brain surrender to the gentle, almost automatic thoughts about ingredients and methods. The processes are soothing. And then at the end, you have comfort food to add to the effect. Food is good.

Alex x
Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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