July 8th

Dear July,
Con: Our car will not start.
Pro: It is in our driveway and not on the side of the road somewhere.
Pro: A roadside man has come to fix it. He seems optimistic.
Con: He can’t fix it.
Pro: He has called a different roadside man who will be here soon.
Pro: The second roadside man is nice and also optimistic.
Con: He can’t fix it.
Pro: He is calling a third roadside man who will install a battery and then maybe the second roadside man will come back?
Con: The third roadside man cannot fix it and it looks like we will have to get it towed.
Con: We are meant to be driving the car to Dubbo on Sunday.
Con: We cannot get it towed, let alone fixed, before Sunday.
Con: Possibly it will cost so much to fix that is might not be worth fixing.
Con: Boyfriend is very fond of his little car.
Con: But for real we are meant to go to Dubbo on Sunday.
Pro: As of tomorrow we are both 25 and can therefore hire cars.
Pro: Hiring a car to drive to Dubbo for a week is actually not that expensive.
Con: Hiring a car does make everything a little bit harder.
Pro: At least we can still go to Dubbo.
Con: Poor, broke car.

Alex x

Letters to July is inspired by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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