July – Cairns

Cairns is very pretty.

Cairns was one of the first trips I planned when I decided to do this project (sidebar – why can’t I do anything without making it a “project”, it’s exhausting, I should stop). My friend Casey had just moved there. I’d just decided I was going to go places. Cairns seemed like a nice place to go. I sent Sophie a text, sitting in the courtyard at the AIS as we packed down after Heywire: “Do you want to come to Cairns with me and visit Casey?  I have not told Casey yet.” Casey had been living in Cairns for about a week at this point. We agreed visiting was a good idea.
The best thing about doing these trips is the way they’ve been a catalyst for so many things. I wanted to test the theory that if you missed someone you could just go and visit them. It seemed too simple. If it was that easy, why didn’t people do it all the time? Of course I know there are lots of the reasons. It’s simple and it’s not. But at least for a year I liked the idea that maybe I could ignore the problems and do it anyway.
It turns out that actually you can just text a friend out of the blue and decide to go on holidays together, for no reason other then you miss being in the same place and being in the same place while on holiday sounds nice. It turns out that if you want to spend more time with someone but they’re far away, sometimes you can just go to where they are and make time to be together.  Sometimes the cure to missing people really is as simple as getting on a plane. Not always and not forever. But sometimes.

Because I was in Cairns in July you can also read the relevant Letters to July: day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5.

My goal for 2017 is to go somewhere every month. 
Preferably out of the city. Preferably to spend time with people I love.

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