Leaving Newcastle

This week I have:
1. Realised I was too busy moving states to write a proper blog.
2. Decided to write you a list instead.
3. Managed to fit all my worldly possessions (and those of my boyfriend) into a blue 1993 Ford Laser.
4. Been through a roller-coaster of emotions while packing (ranging from miserable, frustrated and scared to minor nervous breakdown).
5. Been to a carwash for the first time.
6. Spent hours looking at real estate websites.
7. Failed to find a place to live before moving.
8. Remembered exactly how allergic I am to dust (a lot).
9. Realised exactly how much dust there is in my room (a lot).
10. Felt as though the packing would never end.
11. Taken so much stuff to the op shop that they had to make space in the storage room for it.
12. Applied for seven jobs.
13. Got one job interview.
14. Been to a 21st and eaten more food than was advisable.
15. Woken up at 7am with the express purpose of making cake.
16. Played almost forty hours of Dungeons and Dragons.
17. Stayed up until 4am playing Dungeons and Dragons.
18. Played the final session of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that’s been an important part of my life for almost two years.
19. Fought three dragons, a major army, our own shadows and the manifestation of a god.
20. Said goodbye to people and places and characters and things that are, collectively, going to leave a pretty big hole in my life.
This week I will:
1. Move to a different state.
PS: Oh and also we spent a fairly significant amount of time playing with Lord of the Rings action figures. 

Photo credit to Fin.

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