Letters to July – Eleventh

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea.
Dear July,
We played D&D today. It’s hard writing about Dungeons and Dragons because talking about it involves using what is almost another language. This impenetrability is both a strength and a flaw of the game. Once you’re in, the lore and the rules and the intricacies of it envelope you. You become part of this secret society who have adventures no one else can understand. 
Even trying to describe what the game means to me is hard. People who haven’t experienced it, find it hard to relate to how desperately I miss my old character, how much I wish I could go back to playing him. James Shakespeare (Jim) was a human rouge and his character became like a second skin. We played that campaign almost every week for two years. By the end, I could become Jim so completely that it sometimes took hours to go back to being me. It was possible to totally escape my own life for hours at a time. Maybe it isn’t so hard to understand why I miss that.
Tonight we experimented with playing online (using Google Hangouts and Roll20). To be honest, I wanted it to work so desperately that I would probably have forgiven almost any flaw. If we can play online, then I can play again, despite being a ridiculous distance from the people I want to play with. It’s not the same as being around a table together but it’s something. Any D&D is better than none at all.
Alex x
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