Letters to July – Fifth

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea.
Dear July,
I like birthdays. You do too, July, that’s one of the reasons we’ve always gotten along so well. It’s hard to be sad when our time together is stacked so full with celebrations of and with the people that I love.
Today I turned twenty-four. I don’t feel as preoccupied with the number as I have in previous years. There’s lots of things I could say about twenty-four (it’s quite a big number) but most of those things come with a contradictory point (it isn’t really that big at all) so it all cances l itself out, really. Maybe this year I’ll be able to remember how old I am. I kept forgetting that when I was twenty-three.
I spent the day with boyfriend and mum and dad, going slow. We went to Heidi to look at art and eat a very nice lunch. There was a sizeable amount of cake. I spent quite a lot of time looking at people looking at art. In the evening, we watched Grand Designs in our pyjamas while eating more cake, which is pretty much as good as it gets.
To quote another birthday blog, if you can judge your life by the people in it then I’m doing pretty ok. Birthdays always remind me of that. It’s one of the things I like about them. Today a lot of people made me smile. I’m incredibly lucky to have those people. If I think too hard about the often precarious circumstances that bought so many important people into my life, it makes my head spin. Chance is a really wonderful thing. Thanks July, for reminding me of that.
Alex x
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