Letters to July – Fourth

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea.
Dear July,
Sometimes I worry that I’m the before picture in an 80s movie. You know how the female protagonist always starts out all naïve and straight-laced? Then by the end she’s liberated and has attitude and is wearing something sexy? Sometimes I worry that I’ll always be the first step in that process. When I was a teenager I worried about this a lot.
The other day my brain pulled a memory from somewhere in its deep recesses. At a school disco when I was about fourteen I was wearing this long green skirt that I’d borrowed from my mum. I spent the whole night pulling the waist band up as far up as it would go, so the hem of the skirt was shorter; so my skirt would look more like the ones other girls were wearing. We were all dancing in a circle and suddenly this guy who I really liked took my hand and told me to spin. Just one word: “spin”. So I did. And then he dropped my hand and we went back to awkward group dancing as if nothing had happened. I thought about that for weeks, months even.
I own a lot of things that same colour as that skirt these days. I’d probably love it now. I still don’t know what that guy meant when he asked me to spin but I’m pretty sure it was flirty, right? I just Facebook stalked him and we only have one mutual friend. His cover photo is a picture of a car.
The moral of the story is that today we went to see Rocky Horror with my mum and dad and it was pretty fun.
Alex x
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