Letters to July – Nineteenth

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea.
Dear July,
There are few things that make me feel young and free like driving without a plan; setting out with nothing but the intention of being somewhere before dark.
Yesterday we spent seven hours driving a distance that should have taken three. We stopped in Apollo Bay to buy beetroot and rhubarb at the tiny farmers’ market. A few kilometres up the road, we stopped again to look at the site of a shipwreck and walked along the beach peering into rock pools. We hiked up a hill beside the road to look at a waterfall. In Lorne, we ate fish and chips and ice creams and bought books from the op shop. We drove up a hill to look at another lighthouse and the aggressively beautiful stretch of ocean it overlooked. We turned off on a whim, took our time, went slow. 
We drove into town as the sun was setting. I made borscht and rhubarb crumble and pretended the weekend wasn’t over yet. I went to Foodworks and I cried in the car, thinking about the sky and the stars and wondering if I’ll ever really feel at home in the city.
Alex x
Letters to July is a project started by Emily Diana Ruth. For more information, click here.

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