Letters to July – Seventeeth

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea.
Dear July,
I miss the sky. I’ve been in the city long enough now that I forget how much I miss it. Then you drive out of town and the sky expands to meet the horizon and I can breathe easier. In the city you have to crane to see the sky, out here it’s always there, skimming the edge of your vision.
Today we drove the three hours out of Melbourne to our campsite. The drive took us down along the Great Ocean Road and I tried to relax and focus on how beautiful the road was and not how easily you could hurl your car into the churning waters. 
The thing about camping with you, July (in this weather?) is that you basically have the place to yourself. Our little camping hut is a reasonable distance from the cabins where the few other intrepid residents are. The camping ground is all ours. 
We’ve been walking in the dark; attacked by an unusually aggressive possum (actually terrifying); and roasted marshmallows on a fire entirely fuelled by fire starters. We eventually gave up on the fire, went inside for an hour and came back out to find it blazing. I discovered boyfriend has a passion and enthusiasm for roasted marshmallows that I never knew about. I made s’mores and they were pretty good (although it is rather over complicating a very beautiful thing).
It’s beautiful here. There’s no phone reception. I don’t really care what time it is. The sky is huge and the air is fresh. I needed this.

Alex x
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