Letters to July – Seventh

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea
Dear July,
Today felt very long. There are days that feel long when you’re in them and then the days that feel long in retrospect. Today was the later.
This morning we put mum and dad on a plane. They fly rarely but my mum is still less stressed about the whole process than I am. My dad has the same anxieties that I do but I lent him my luggage scale and got them there early so he was ok. They texted me when they got back to my brother’s place (it’s a two day journey for them to get all the way home). It felt like such a long time ago when they were close, even though it was only hours.
I spent the rest of the day working. It was nice postponing work for the time my parents were here, pretending for a while that maybe I didn’t have so much to do. Today as the list slowly unfurled in my mind, I panicked. I want to be doing less. I know I have too much on my plate. But I’m committed. I can’t give up any of the things, not yet. I’m going to work my way through (because work is the only way through).
At the end of this year some things will finish. When that happens I’m going to stop, reassess, cut back. Next year I want to take on less, make more time. I want to create things and write things and do things but right now that’s all happening in stolen moments – time spent pretending I don’t have quite so much to do.

Alex x
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