Letters to July – Twenty-Eighth

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea.
Dear July,
A couple of times a year, boyfriend and I catch a train to South Yarra. It’s always evening, usually 6:00 or 7:00, just as the sun is setting. We don’t usually catch trains so we always forget which line we need and spend too long reading the signs.
At South Yarra, we meet up with Jake and Vee who are usually waiting for us near the ticket office. Together we walk through the streets, rambling in and out of conversations. Cross at the lights, down one side of the road, cross, down the other, turn, along the road. Eventually we arrive at the Jam Factory. We go straight to Salsas which is just inside the front door. We sit at a table out the front and take turns going in to order. We eat what is usually too much food and talk and laugh. Often, we speculate about the shop across the food court that sells conical pizza that literally no one ever buys.
We walk through the quiet, darkened shopping centre to the cinema and go up the enormous stairs. We buy popcorn. Take turns going to the toilet while someone minds the popcorn. Then we go and watch a movie. The movie is always a Marvel movie because Marvel movies are at the core of this ritual. Afterwards, we sit in the cinema, waiting for the credits to roll past and mocking all the people who are leaving before the very, very end because don’t they know this is a Marvel movie.
We walk back through the shopping centre, out onto the street. Along the road, turn, down one side of the road, cross, down the other, cross at the lights. We say goodbye in front of the ticket booth, discuss what the next Marvel movie is. Then we catch the train home.

Alex x
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