Letters to July – Twenty-Third

I’m going to try and blog every day during July as part of Letters to July. It’s probably a bad idea.

Dear July,
Tonight we went to the very fancy Melbourne Writers Festival VIP launch. Being a member of the 30 Under 30 qualifies me as VERY IMPORTANT it seems. 
For a lot of the night, the 30 Under 30 hung around in small huddles, giggling slightly about how fancy the place was and wondering why the staff all spoke French. We had more than our fair share of canapés and champagne and basically fulfilled our role as the token youths. It was nice. I also mingled and chatted and met new people but mostly I enjoyed talking to the < 30. They are a pretty great group that I’m very lucky to be part of.
The launch was held in the same hotel me and Alex once accidentally snuck into. We took the elevator to the 47th floor and threw army men with parachutes off the balcony. That was the weekend we spent awkwardly stumbling into our relationship. That day the place took on this almost magical air. It was strange to be back again. Lots of people had stories about going to the hotel, for strange work functions or as media at a Miss Universe Event. I half-heartedly told my story about sneaking in by accident but people mostly thought that was very brave and cool, which confused me so I stopped. 
It’s exciting and surreal to be in the MWF program. I’m doing an event about comedy with Luke (who I once went on a very awkward “date” with at NYWF). I don’t know if I’m nervous about it? It’s strange feeling like an imposter myself and then turning around and coaching NYWF writers through exactly the same thing. I have to tell myself the same thing I tell them – you were invited to be a part of this festival. That wouldn’t have happened if people weren’t interested in what you have to say. Shut up and enjoy the free champagne.
Alex x

Check out the MWF program here, including my lil event here and the rest of the 30 Under 30 here.
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