A real castle which I’ve actually been to.

My life, it must be said, is mostly pretty dull.

This blog is evidence of that. I spend my Sundays writing blog posts.
I don’t know what normal people do on Sundays but I don’t think that is it.

My social life, as it currently stands, revolves around Qudditch. For those of you who weren’t aware, I somehow got myself made captain of a Quidditch team. The Weasley Jumpers and I do terribly exciting things like op shopping and going out to slightly dodgy restaurants.

Most of the time I sit in my little room and stare at the computer. Every now and again I break the monotony by going to make tea or quietly despairing at the state of my existence.

Once in a blue moon I get an email from one of my readers. Actually that sentence creates an unrealistic view of how often this has happened. It has happened three times (Lizzy, Jessica and Evan- hello!) These emails don’t really feel like they’re addressed to me. The tone suggests these emails were meant to go to someone far more busy and important and exciting than me. I’m not any of those things.

In real life I feel extremely weird telling too many TV-Land anecdotes. I tend to do it when I’m nervous or I want to impress someone. I feel as though these stories give a false impression of the way I spend most of my days. On my blog I feel weird telling any stories which do not relate to TV-Land because I feel as though that’s what you’re here to read. And yet it still creates this false impression of excitement, adventure and really wild things.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my life. My life is pretty excellent. I think the sudden desire to tell you about it might come from a recent addiction to vlogging. Plus I’ve realised this blog makes me seem like something other than nerdy, clumsy and socially awkward.

Here therefore are the abridged version of some of my other (far less exciting) anecdotes.

“I was in the UK at Christmas year before last. You know how they make snowmen in movies by rolling a ball of snow across more snow and it gets bigger? That actually works.”
(It does. Try it.)

“I got lost in Marrickville once. For five hours.”
(I know right? Riveting.)

“I once played Connect Four at two in the morning.”

“Once beccamarsh and I went to a castle. And we had a light sabre fight on a parapet while wearing cloaks.”
(Ok. This one doesn’t count. It was pretty epic.)

“Last week I got bludgered in the face.”
(The team we played last week– zarking bad ass)

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