Living alone

Dinner with Tim

At the beginning of this year I moved out of home. I packed up a whole bunch of my worldly possessions and took them six hours away from my family. After living in close proximity to other people for over 19 years, I suddenly found myself alone.

Living alone is a strange thing. Sometimes its wonderful. Others times it sucks.

Pro: You don’t have to wear pants.
Con: Everything has to be outsourced.
Pro: When it is really hot, you can watch TV and eat spaghetti in your underwear.
Con: Sometimes you’ve got a stupid problem and just need to talk things through.
Pro: On a lovely day when you have a lot of reading to do, you do it sitting in the sun…in your underwear.
Con: You have to deal with all invading creepy crawlies yourself.
Pro: There’s a lot more pros that involve doing various things while being semi-clothed. They have no downside.
Con: Lifting things is pretty hard to do alone.
Pro: You can get unnecessarily emotional about television in peace.
Con: Immediately following significant television moments, there’s no one to flail excitedly at.
Pro: You don’t need to check with anyone before randomly inviting a bunch of people to your house for tea and cake.
Con: There’s no one to help you clean up after impromptu tea and cake parties.
Con: There’s no one to be impressed by the super impressive cake you just made.
Pro: You get to eat all of said cake.
Pro: You know those times when you just want to break down and cry about the state of humanity in general and your life in particular? Living alone you can. Without judgement.
Con: There’s no one to notice when you’re sad.
Con: Hugs on demand. There are none.
Con: There is no one to tell you that 2am is really not the time and you should probably stop doing whatever it is you’re doing and go to bed.
Pro: Making posh dinner, setting the table and then eating it alone while listening to Micheal Buble.
Con: Making posh dinner, setting the table and then eating it alone while listening to Micheal Buble.
Pro: Cooking whatever you want. Whenever you want. cauliflower cheese for dinner at 11pm? Yes please!
Con: Being alone at night in a dark house in the middle of a storm.
Con: Company is not simply a matter of walking into the next room and demanding someone come to a comedy show/the movies/tea shopping with you.
Pro: You can talk to yourself loudly and whenever you like.
Con: Talking to yourself in public looks less insane if there’s someone to follow you around and pretend you’re talking to them.
Con: Being really sick. And having no one to make you tea or soup or drive to the shops and buy drugs because you’re not actually capable of leaving the couch.
Con: Having no one to tell you that you are far too sick to go to uni and please go back to bed immediately or else.
Pro: If you want to listen to the same album four times in a row, that’s ok. No one will be irritated by this.
Pro: This applied doubly if said album happens to contain a lot of obscenities.
Con: During late night bouts of hypochondria, no one can tell you that the weird spot on your leg is a Quidditch related bruise and not the early stage of meningococcal and also you should probably get some therapy for the emotional scaring caused by watching that terrifying video about meningococcal in year 10.

It evens out really. My super talented and awesome brother is moving in next year. And even though I’m really looking forward to having him around…I’m kind of going to miss being alone.

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