Living in the real world

An interview with Matty B

So Matty B. Would you like to introduce yourself to the internet?
That’s ok, me and the internet go way back. We’re at kiss on the cheek greetings now although that can be hard to recreate digitally.

Is telling jokes to drunken louts the best job ever? Or the worst?
It can be both. I take a lot of satisfaction from making a drunken lout go ‘hahaha… what?”

What’s the worst gig you’ve done?
I once Mc’d a gig in Kempsey and was heckled before I even got on the stage. Said wanker destroyed the entire night for everyone there then offered to buy me a drink after. I accepted.

You’re asked to describe Living in The Real World to someone who’s never seen the show before. Using mime. You’re allowed to have three props, what would they be and why?
I would have a worm puppet (cause there’s one in my show), a bag full of muffins because nutrition is essential, and a human brain which I would break down and reconstruct to be a duckling because that is my metaphorical aim.

You’ve got a really distinct on-stage persona. Why did you choose that approach to stand-up?
My on stage persona is pretty much just me when I am relaxed and enjoying myself. When I first started the best piece of advice I got was to slow down. A lot of my jokes require a little bit of lateral thinking so I like to give my audience plenty of time to let things click.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done in pursuit of comedy?
I don’t know that I’ve done anything particularly strange in the pursuit of comedy. Sometimes I do weird things and they turn into comedy. Pretty much my process for thinking is to drink tea or coffee and smoke cigarettes while staring at a wall. From blank comes silly comes jokes.

Would you like to share a random anecdote? Bonus points if it features a couch.
I actually moved a couch off my front porch yesterday as it was taking up too much room. Now I have a director’s chair and my view of the wall is better and I’m finding it easier to get up and refresh my cuppa. I think it will lead to some productive thinking.

Dog walking. Discuss.
Oooh dog walking. That can be treacherous. My advice is to be sure that you are not only walking a dog, but your dog. If you ever find yourself walking your neighbours iguana, you should go home immediately.

Muppet- Old dudes on balcony.
Colour- Swirly
Letter of the Alphabet- Which alphabet?
Accent- Scottish. Their women are adorable and stronger than you might think.
Biscuit- Is muffin a biscuit? If not I’ll make it then it’ll be my fave.
Number between 7 and 45- 46 cause im just very slightly a rebel.

Matty B ‘Living in the Real World’ is on this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at The Factory Theatre in Sydney. Buy tickets here.

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