My happy place

For my entire life, my family have been going on holiday to the same little coastal town in Northern NSW. It has a few dozen houses, a caravan park, a camping ground and a solitary general store. It’s called Minnie Waters.
I went back there for my brother’s 21st and it struck me how often I’ve been happy in that strange little town. Most places, especially the ones that you spend any length of time in, become a mix of happy memories and not-happy memories. We remember them as a hodge podge selection of the best and worst things that happened to us there.
When I think of Minnie, overwhelmingly the memories are positive. It’s hard to think of any not-happy things that have happened to me there.
When I was growing up, we’d spent the Christmas holidays at Minnie. Our (second) cousins would come to stay and the five of us would go adventuring. It was like summer holidays in American teen movies: climbing sand dunes and digging for treasure; creating an enormous SOS sign on the beach that lasted almost a week of tides; playing games of Monopoly that lasted weeks and featured an elaborate set of house rules. We invested a version of hide and seek which was played in pitch darkness and a complicated (and largely pointless) drinking game which we only ever played with milk and raspberry cordial. Those holidays are an old fashioned slideshow of happy highlights.
If I close my eyes and think of Minnie (as I often have this week since coming back to Melbourne where I am cold all the time) the things I think of are sunshine and long walks and the sunset reflected in wet sand. I think about long mornings spent reading in the sun and long afternoons spent walking near the ocean. I think about being happy.
I guess that comes from Minnie being a holiday place, somewhere you only go on holidays and weekends; a place where it’s always ok to read an entire book in a day or watch two episodes of Downton Abbey back-to-back. It’s my real life happy place.

Sorry that my blogging has been so sporadic lately. The combination of busy-ness and a minor crisis of confidence has made it all seem rather hard. But I am going to try harder! I’m working on the next batch of Art Assingments (if you’re interested in donating to my rug, get in touch!) PLUS August is just around the corner which means Potentially Problematic Opinions Month. If you’re a blogger (or online creator of any kind) who thinks they might like to be involved in PPOM, also get in touch

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