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They are in no way relevant to this post.

In which Alex tells a number of short, uninteresting anecdotes which happen to feature moderately well known personalities.

Tom Ballard
I met Tom Ballard very briefly at the Heywire dinner. He was hosting and, in the foyer when everyone was mingling, all the Heywire peeps were shuffled past to shake his hand. He actually follows me on Twitter which makes me think he might have read one of my Heywire blogs. I find this odd.

Amanda Keller
I once had a conversation with Amanda Keller in the kitchen at the ABC. It was after the 2008 finale and, due to a combination of exhaustion, stress and pyrotechnics fumes1, I felt like I was on the deck of a ship. By which I mean the floor was rocking underneath me. I’m quite sure I made very little sense but Amanda was really lovely. She told me to do whatever I wanted while I was young.

Hamish Blake
I was sitting in the practically empty Green Room playing with my phone and I could hear someone talking. I thought ‘That sounds like Hamish Blake.’ I looked up to see Hamish Blake on his phone on the other side of the room. That was very weird.

Marieke Hardy
About a year ago Marieke Hardy tweeted about Robert Louis Stevenson. If Robert Louis Stevenson wasn’t seriously dead, I would be a fan girl. I replied to this tweet, saying something about having crushes on old dead people. And that is how Marieke Hardy came to follow me on Twitter. Later that day I won a $10 Big W voucher while playing bingo at the RSL club. That was a good day.

Arj Barker
I walked past Arj Barker in the corridor outside the Green Room once. End anecdote.

Danny Bhoy
During my second day of work experience I was casually spinning around on my chair, staring at the ceiling and hoping inspiration would strike me. Immediately outside the office I was in, Danny Bhoy was standing in the middle of the floor staring at the ceiling. He stayed there for a really long time. I found this quite disconcerting.

The Umbilical Brothers
My mother once had a conversation with Dave and The Umbilical Brothers about child birth. She also discussed carbs and potato bake with Will Anderson. My mum’s pretty cool.

You know those times when you’re staring into space, totally unaware of what it is you’re actually staring at? And you come out of your own little world to realise you’ve been staring slightly creepily at a person? I did that in the Green Room once. Except I was staring blankly into another room where Jimeoin was changing his shirt.

I’ve got a lot more of these. If you found this post in any way entertaining or interesting (as opposed to slightly self indulgent) let me know and I might do a follow up. 

The full story of the time we went to the 2008 finale will feature in an upcoming post.*

*And by upcoming I mean sometime in the next year. Probably. If I haven’t done it in six months or something you should probably remind me. 

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