New Year, New TV

New Year means New TV and New TV means a whole bunch of new things to be excited about/live for. I am looking forward to a lot of TV related things in 2015 so here is a largely subjective list of the stuff that I am particularly looking forward to feasting my square eyes on. If anyone would like to come over and watch these shows with me, I will 100% make you some pasta bake.
Parks and Recreation (season seven)
Look it’s probably a good thing that Parks and Rec is almost over because I am beginning to worry that my love for Ben Wyatt will eventually grow so vast that it’ll eclipse the sun, rending the Earth uninhabitable. And that would just be super awkward. Like seriously I clicked on this link faster than I have ever clicked on any link before. I have a problem.

Broadchurch (season two)
The first season of Broadchurchwas something of a phenomenon in the UK and rightly so. Season two has just started and it looks like I will probably continue to lose sleep over this show (I lost so much sleep over season one omg). One thing that has struck me about the second season is that the majority of the key characters are female, including two who are lawyers and one who’s a judge. Not bad at all.
Danger 5 (season two)
If you like your comedy surreal and with Nazis (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t) then Danger 5 is probably the only show that will cater to your specific and slightly perverted needs. Where else will you see a man with an eagle head gunned down by Hitler dressed as Santa? Season two has just started on SBS2 and season one (which has episode titles like “Lizard Soldiers of the Third Reich” and “Fresh Meat for Hitler’s Sex Kitchen”) is available for binge watching on SBS on Demand for the next few weeks.
Maximum Choppage
Set in Western Sydney, this genre-bending martial arts extravaganza stars Lawrence Leung and a variety of nunchakus. To be perfectly honest, I still have no idea what this show is going to look like but I say that in a good way. I think this has the potential to be something NEW and EXCITING. Your average comedy doesn’t feature anywhere near enough fight scenes, in my opinion.   

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
As I keep trying to explain to my parents, Netflix is the future. Securing Tina Fey’s new comedy is just another step on the long road to Netflix being our benevolent overlords when no one can leave the house because of global warming. I read one thing about this show that said it would probably be good “despite the unusual premise” (girl escapes cult and moves to city, hilarity ensues) which implies a scepticism about the comedic potential of cults which I just can’t get behind. This should be good, despite nothing. You can watch the trailer here.
Please Like Me (season three)
If you haven’t seen Please Like Me yet, then cancel whatever plans you have for the weekend and get on it. This Australian comedy has already scored a fistful of awards (including a nomination for an International Emmy) and is likely to become a classic. It’s honest, complicated and regularly uncomfortable. Thanks largely to being picked up in the US, this little gem, which has been rather neglected by the ABC, has thankfully made it to a third season.
Pretty much all I know about this show is that it’s a period drama in which Adrian Turner (AKA the inexplicably sexy dwarf who has that infuriating romantic subplot in The Hobbit) wears a lot of military uniforms. And look, I don’t know about you but that is basically my jam.
Sherlock (season four)
I have recently learned that the rabid fandom have (quite understandably) put a lot of people off watching Sherlock. I’m here to tell you to ignore whatever Tumblr is into these days and simply enjoy Sherlock for the homoerotic romp that it is. With the fourth season allegedly airing sometime this year, we’re hopefully almost up the part in canon when Sherlock Holmes moves to the country and starts raising bees.

I’ll put a pasta bake in the oven. Come over whenever. 

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