Dear July,
Things I have done since arriving in Cairns:
  • Got emotional about seeing cane fields out the window of the plane. Googled where cane fields grow. Decided that maybe cane fields and me are both fundamentally suited to the same climates.
  • Asked my taxi driver to take me somewhere that I could eat lunch and look at the ocean. He told me that I couldn’t actually get in the ocean in the CBD and I tried to explain that honestly that was fine, I just wanted to look at it.
  • Teared up slightly looking at the ocean. Bought a cheese and ham toastie and a Calippo, took off my shoes and stared for ages at the line where the ocean meets the sky. Sorry that it sounds obnoxiously whimsical to say that I miss the horizon over the ocean but I just do.
  • Listened to the most recent episode of CoolGames Inc. In the last two months I have listened to 3,637 minutes (or about 2.5 days worth) of CoolGames Inc. I finally caught up while looking at the ocean.
  • Navigated the multiple outdated and slightly baffling key boxes and locks to get into the holiday house we’re staying in. Remembered that the main downside of travelling alone is that I’m very bad at keys. Collapsed for a while. Drank tea.
  • Put on my swimmers and walked back to the lagoon to go swimming. Was reminded for the umpteenth time how good swimming is.
  • Impromptu joined an aqua aerobics class because it started while I was swimming. I thought “if I do it, I can put it in the blog for today”. I’d forgotten how good blogging is at convincing me to do things.
  • Laughed a lot while doing aqua aerobics. The class was about one third old people, one third young women and one third this big group of young guys who were SUPER INTO IT and sang loudly the whole time. Spun around in circles with multiple strangers. Random friendly encounters with strangers are extremely good. Aqua aerobics is good. Doing things that are slightly scary on a whim is good.
  •  Left the pool as the last of the light was dipping under the horizon, with a ridiculous smile on my face.
  • Went to Woolies and bought food. Went back to the place and tried (with some success) to cook pasta in an electric frypan.
  • Synced watching Awful Squadwith Alex. Barely made it through the whole episode because I was very, very tired.
  • Feel asleep with crusty, salty hair and shoulders tingling from sunshine.
Alex x

I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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