Now that I have your attention…

Adventures in TV-Land didn’t begin like this.

In fact it only got its name because my intended title, Credit where Credit’s Due, was taken (by someone who is yet to publish a single post). It wasn’t supposed to be a travelogue of my adventures either. It wasn’t going to be about me at all. In fact the first entry accidentally fell into place after days of trying to write something very different.

My inspiration for writing this blog came one Friday when I was watching ABC2. As the credits rolled, something horrible happened. My ABC crunched them. We’re not talking the economic definition of Credit Crunching. You know when the credits of a show are smooshed into half the screen and muted to make way for a large ad? That’s Credit Crunching.
And I hate it.
In fact I wrote an email to the ABC saying just that and got a rather terse reply which (paraphrased) said “we really couldn’t give a damn what obsessive retards like you think.”

And that’s probably fair enough. There aren’t many people who actually payed any attention when the BBC cut all their credits by 30 seconds. Or noticed when GNW moved its credits online only a couple of episodes into 2008. For the vast majority of the viewing public their interest ends when the credits begin to roll.

But those tiny names which flash across your screen are the owners of the blood, sweat and tears that went into the half hour of television you just watched. It didn’t come from nowhere. It came from sleepless nights and long meetings and late night editing sessions. It was made by a collection of people who’s names you will probably never know. I think they deserve to have their 0.2 seconds of recognition.

You can see why this would have made a very bad first post. But I figure now I have your attention I can have a little rant. I’m extremely pleased every time someone tells me they enjoy reading this blog, it makes a little happiness light bulb turn on inside my brain. But what I really want you to take from TV-Land is an appreciation of the things that go into what you watch. If you view an episode of GNW just a little bit differently because of what you’ve read, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

But I’m just a writer (and an occasional one at that). What about all those other names? All those other job titles? All those other people who don’t get any credit when its due? Never fear! Alex is here to help!

Adventures in TV-Land is very proud to announce our first Guest Post. The author’s name is Daniel Hogan and he used to work on Master Chef. That’s right! Master Chef! Get excited!

But be warned. You might never watch TV the same way again.

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