One of those mornings

I’m having one of those mornings. 

The mornings where I get on the computer to write a blog post, thinking it will be easy. Several hours later I’m still looking at gifs of Matt Smith on Tumblr while a cursor blinks quietly in the other window. This won’t be a great post. I’m warning you in advance.  

I think the most useful thing I got out of all that survey nonsense was that you all seem to quite like the posts in which I rant about something irrelevant. I’m quite relieved about this. Actually the whole survey exercise was incredibly useful. Those of you who took the time have my eternal thanks. All those answers are going to magically transform themselves into posts, some of which stand to be quiet good. I would like to especially thank “Female/20/Australia” who asked such an awful lot of questions that I think I’ll have to write several posts to cover them all.

So there are a couple of things I wanted to say today. The first is that if you ever have a question or anything- please let me know. Some weeks I find myself banging my head against walls in a desperate attempt to produce content. Even a small nod in the right direct could save a lot of wall based self-harm. Also there’s a very simple way for you to let me know that you’ve dropped by. You don’t even have to write anything! 
Right at the bottom of each post is a series of tick boxes. They look like this-

One Sunday in April I discovered that Blogger lets you install these. They’re supposed to say things like ‘funny’ and ‘interesting’ so that people can react to your posts without commenting. It’s a good idea. But you can pick whichever words you want so naturally mine now makes no sense. That doesn’t matter. When you read a post it’d be great if you could pick one on your way out.  

I’m going on holidays today and am making an attempt at internet detox. Basically I’m still going to write you a post every Sunday, but I might not have internet access in order to put it up. So everything might get a bit spasmodic over the next month or so. I’ll also be writing more posts for my “other blog.” So if you’re bored and looking for rants about what’s on television, have a look. 

There won’t be a post next week. Because its Smithmas Day. I plan to make a pie shaped like a Tardis and spend the entire day getting very excited. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas (and Smithmas) and good things in the New Year and all that. 

Thanks for reading. Have a picture of a goat. 

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