Ordinary, nineteen year old things

“So novelist to screen writer maybe?”

This statement doesn’t really sink in for a couple of reasons. Firstly I’m an idiot. Secondly phone interviews do something weird to my brain. This guy has called to try and convince me I need to do his screen writing course. He thinks I’m exactly the kind of person they need.

It doesn’t occur to me until later that this guy actually thinks I’ve written a novel. There is possibly a valid reason for this. He saw me on a panel with four young novelists reading exerts from their latest book. Thing is, what I read just happened to be the first two paragraphs of a 1000 word short story. I can understand how someone would get confused.

I would actually love to do un-named screen writing course. It sounds rather cool. Unfortunately I already have plans for the next three years which start with U and end in Niversity. Un-named slightly famous screen writer man seemed rather surprised to discover this. I can understand how he might have got confused.

I never lie about my age. When I’m asked I will happily and openly tell people that I’m nineteen. But people tend to assume that I’m older than that. And I’m not in the habit of correcting them. So there are probably a number of people scattered around the place who are under the impression that I’m in my twenties.

In the Words for the Future press release I’m described as “prodigious.” I personally think that what Jesse’s done is more impressive than my achievements (I mean come on she’s touring the country!) but it made me think. I’m often told how lucky I am to have started so young. The implication of which is that having started young I should be able to get a hell of a lot done before I’m forty.

There’s all these people expecting great things from me. “You’re going places” they say. Well yeah, that’s the plan. But do you think I could do some other things first? Like go to parties? I’d rather like the opportunity to be nineteen. There are lots of ordinary, nineteen year old things that I still have no idea about.

I think the world can wait a few years for my first mini-series/one woman comedy show/prize winning novel (please note- I’m not promising to do any of the above, if I actually told you my crazy ideas you might steal them). According to Voiceworks I’m still a young writer until I’m twenty-five. That’s heaps of time.

If I haven’t done anything by the time I’m thirty I give you all permission to come and personally harass me.

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