Paper flowers and chance meetings

National Young Writers Festival 2011
Epic flowers of epicness. 

We’re standing outside Staple Manor (this year is above a pharmacy in Hunter Street Mall). Ben Jenkins (festival co-director) and someone else (who’s name I didn’t catch) are throwing rocks at the windows to try and attract the attention of someone inside. One of the lessons I learnt last year is that the effectiveness of throwing rocks at windows is a movie fallacy of Mythbusters proportions.

The whole situation is a pretty definite signal that we’ve entered the mythical other world in which TiNA operates. Another definitive signal emerges from the darkness a moment later. Said signal is Lizzy. Lizzy and I have never met before. As I say to my brother Fin, in a high, excited voice- “This is Lizzy. My friend from The Internet.” Only at TiNA would randomly bumping into someone like this feel normal.

We then proceeded (having finally managed to ring someone upstairs) to traipse up an alleyway to a large red door. This door lead to a dreary, damp alleyway between buildings, the likes of which you tend to see in American movies about superheros. This effect was heightened by the rusty fire escape staircase we had to climb up at some danger to our lives. Pretty exciting.

Staple Manor, I am pleased to report, is beautiful. It’s a cavernous white space with wood panelled floors. During daylight hours you’ll even be able to enter via the front door! Win! Amid a bustle of last minute panic, a small cluster of volunteers sat on the floor and ripped up books. Don’t panic! They weren’t real books. They were Readers Digest Condensed Editions and it is widely acknowledged these were actually invented for literary based craft projects.

Tonight’s project was making flowers. This proved to be something of a challenge but one which we collectively rose to. Affixing them to the beams afterwards was tackled with slightly less success. All weekend, upon entering Staple Manor, you must now think “Look at those lovely paper flowers! Alex totally helped to make those!”

This was the best possible introduction to NYWF. The combination of chance meetings, minor disorganisation, quirky venues and slightly ridiculous (but very fun) activities is what the whole festival is all about.

Needless to say I’m pretty excited for the proper kick-off today. I’m still in my pyjamas. Mostly because the weather has turned cold and rainy and I now need to re-think my clothing choices. Which seems like a lot of effort. But there are TARDIS pies to be made, champagne to be bought and people to be seen. Excite!

PS- As part of Writer Wants a Wife tomorrow I’ve got to think of three questions to ask potential matches. Suggestions please?

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