Pleased to meet you

National Young Writers Festival 2010

“That’s unique water.”
I stare at the man behind the counter.
“It has more minerals than normal water…so, depending on the bottle, it might taste different to normal water.”
“I…really don’t care.”
The man looks at me. I push the water forward.
“Oh, that’ll be $3 then.”

I find Newcastle a bit odd. Walking down Hunter Street on my way to Staple Manor I’m slightly over whelmed by the number of young trendy people. I come from Grafton, whose population contains an abnormally high number of bogans and ugly people therefore I find the coolness level almost intimidating. There are traffic lights and interesting shops and water that comes with a verbal warning. Welcome to NYWF 2010.

I spent rather a lot of this morning in the toilet on a train. The reason I was in the toilet isn’t what you’re thinking. Its because I was writing my speech for tomorrow’s debate. And obviously the toilet is the only place I can talk to myself properly. Sitting in my seat I’d hit the lady beside me with my enthusiastic arm movements. I’m still in there when they announce that we’ve arrived. I scramble for me bag. 

Two hours later I am sitting in Staple Manor talking to the first of many new people. I was nervous about the Artist Meet and Greet. I sat down beside Erin at random, afraid she’s find this weird but soon we’re chatting like friends. We gain people. Our circle moves around the room slowly gathering more. Eventually I look up to realise that everyone else seems to have gone and we’re still discussing the merits of being Vegetarian. There is something about an event like this that forces you to interact. Maybe its because we’re all shy writer types, who feel like they’re not qualified enough to be here. Maybe its because most people seem to come without knowing many people. Random people joining our circle assume that those already present knew each other. In fact we’d only just meet. Its a nice way of making friends. 

In fact I’m rather keen to get back out there and make some new acquaintances. There is excitement, adventures and really wild things happening nearby and I’m in MacDonald’s using the damned wifi. Also what are you doing reading a blog? Shouldn’t you be out too? Even if you aren’t currently in Newcastle! Go on! Get out there! There are new and exciting people to meet! At least befriend a random on Facebook or something.

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