Reading aloud on trains

Last weekend I flew to Newcastle to visit people and also because I was going to see Tim Minchin with my friends beccamarsh and Beth. It was pretty excellent.

11:15am – beccamarsh leaves her place on route to pick us up, according to the schedule we spent a lot of time making last night.
11:40am – beccamarsh arrives to pick us up, five minutes ahead of schedule.
11:50am – Leave house, five minutes behind schedule.
11:55am – Yell directions at beccamarsh, causing her to drive twice around a roundabout, yell some more, laugh a lot.
12:05am – Park. Complain a lot about the enormous bus zone now taking up most of the train station parking.
12:15am – Arrive at sushi train. Consume sushi. Sushi is extremely delicious. Know I shouldn’t be so surprised that sushi in Newcastle is so good but kind of am.
12:45am – Return to car. Get pillows (gig is BYO pillows).
12:56am – Arrive at train station. Sign says that there are no trains for the next two hours. Panic slightly and ask attendant who tells us that we need to go to a different station.
1:10pm – Return to car. Drive up the road to different station.
1:21pm – Partake in general station confusion as the whether or not the train currently at platform one is, in fact, the train which we want to get on.
1:36pm – Board train. Try to sit in four seats but pillows take up too much room so have to occupy six seat area. That is basically one extra seat per pillow.
1:41pm – Train departs. At this point our schedule reads “see activities schedule”. Upon consideration we decide to go with activity item “eat snacks”.
2:03pm – Begin reading Deltora Quest aloud. We take turns, reading one chapter each. Sitting on a train reading Deltora Quest aloud with your friends is pretty much the best thing ever A+ would recommend.
5:00pm – Arrive at Central Station, almost exactly one hour behind schedule. Stupid trains.
5:05pm – Change trains, quickly read more Deltora Quest during the eight minutes it takes to get to Circular Quay.
5:18pm – Take turns holding each other’s pillows while we go to the toilets.
5:30pm – Arrive at queue, only three hours early due to delayed train. Luckily we are at exactly the right point in the queue to be sheltered by the single patch of shade. Sit on pillows. Continue reading Deltora Quest.
6:28pm – Finish Deltora Quest at exactly the same moment that doors open and thee queue begins moving.
6:31pm – People at the bag inspection point do not discover the packet contraband Nutellas hidden in beccamarsh’s pillow.
6:35pm – Claim place on steps. Am awestruck by how pretty it is. Sydney is really pretty when it wants to be.
7:01pm – Eat pizza for dinner looking up at the Opera House. Take grainy selfies with Opera House.
7:14pm – Draw stick figure comic in which the random lady sitting beside us is crushed by a dinosaur. Feel slightly bad about this.
8:30pm – Show starts. Clap wildly.
8:30pm to 10:30pm – Concert. Cry three times. Think a lot about how much these songs mean to me and how long they’ve been a part of my life. Think a lot about growing up. Look up at the stars a lot. Have an amazing time and am blown away by the whole thing and it is magical.
10:36pm – Show finishes. Elect to stay sitting on pillows while crowd shuffled out instead of “shoving motherfuckers” which is what is says on the schedule.
10:51pm – Catch train back to Central Station.
11:45pm – Get on train home.
11:54pm – Read more Deltora Quest.
1:45am – Fall asleep and miss several chapters of Deltora Quest.
2:46am – Arrive back in Newcastle. beccamarsh drops us back at Beth’s house. Blearily say goodbye to beccamarsh because I will not see her before I catch a plane tomorrow.
3:08pm – Sleep.

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