Repopulating the world

National Young Writers Festival

The meet and greet is populated by wonderful people. There is a very particular kind of joy which comes from being surrounded by so many talented and attractive people. Especially ones who you haven’t seen for a whole year. Resisting the urge to kidnap them permanently install them in your life is rather hard.

Before long we’ve mounted a minor manhunt to locate someone named William McBride. After seriously disturbing a man in a head scarf (who wasn’t William McBride) we talked to rather a lot of people who thought William McBribe must be a bushranger or a crime writer. We don’t think he is either. The search was abandoned without a result. (If you are, or know of, William McBride you should totally get in touch.)

We trail down Hunter Street in a disjointed rabble and get on a bus heading toward my house. By ‘us’ I mean my brother and I, Lizzy, Sian, Alex, Farrago and Tharunka. I am well acquainted with a very small number of these people. I’ve only just met a fair percentage. There are a couple whose names I don’t actually know yet. I should explain to anyone who has never been to TiNA- this is quite normal. It is actually the only time that I am willing to invite virtual strangers into my home.

They follow me into the dark suburbs of Newcastle and down my little street.
“You’re not going to harvest our organs are you?” says Scott (of Farrago).
It occurs to me that, had that been my aim, I have done rather an excellent job of leading unknowing innocents toward a death trap. Instead I welcome them into my house and fed them TARDIS pies. Same difference right?

I spent a happy few hours flitting between the group playing Sopio, the one playing pool and those debating the merits of daylight savings. I don’t think my house has ever contained this many people. After the student media people head back into town for their event, we retire to the lounge to play a rather fun game.

For those of you not at TiNA, here is said fun game, to occupy your time while we‘re all having an excellent time in Newcastle-
On small pieces of paper write the names of celebrities, historical figures and fictional characters who you would be willing to repopulate the world with. All the names go into a hat. Taking turns, each person draws three names from the hat. The first you repopulate the world with, the second you get to make out with before parting ways and the third is pushed to the zombie and certain death. This third person is removed from the hat completely. This game is emotionally taxing. And very amusing.

(I can now cross blogging at midnight off my bucket list.)

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