Reporting live from bed

National Young Writers Festival 11

And so it begins.

Across the country people are shoving their favourite tutus into suitcases, having last minute panic attacks and boarding trains, planes and automobiles1 on their way to sunny Newcastle.

That’s right people. Sunny. The weather forecast from my bed2 says that it is sunny with a light breeze and a small chance of rain.3 More importantly it is jeans and T-shirt weather. Or dresses and stockings. Light cardigans. That sort of thing. It’s cool in the evenings. Dress accordingly.4

As you can probably tell from the amount of footnotes (which translate as excited chatter in real life) I’m a little bit pumped. Yesterday, while op shopping in town with my friends, spent a lot of time skipping, jumping up and down and squealing ‘TiNA!’5 The centre of Newcastle has always been TiNA territory for me. Even though I now have a bunch of other memories which are set in and around there, I can’t see this changing.

Today, in preparation for the festivities, I have drastically overcommitted myself. I’m currently blogging in bed. I can’t really leave the house because I’m waiting for a very important delivery of Voiceworks magazines (which I’m babysitting for the lovely folk at Express Media). Then I need to clean my house, pick my brother up from the train, help pack artist show bags, pick Sian up from the plane, have dinner with my father, decide what to wear (loosely speaking) for the next few days and make TARDIS pies.6  I’d also rather like to try and squeeze a nap in somewhere today. I’ve spent the last few days camping.7 As a result I am conveniently exhausted before the festival has even kicked off. Go me!

With this in mind (and because it looks like overcommitting myself is not a habit I can break) I’ve decided I’m in favour of human cloning. Just as soon as it finishes inventing teleportation, science should get on that.

Its always rather difficult to tell what tone my blog posts will be read in. I’ve not really around the read it aloud for you and make sure you get it right.8 It would be easy for you to think I’m tired and stressed. Maybe a little over my head? But honestly I feel rather at home.
All of life should be more like TiNA.

1- And maybe the occasional bike. I wouldn’t put it past anyone. 
2-Encompassing the medium square of sky I can see out my front window.
3- There is always a chance of rain. Think I’ve mentioned that.
4- Does anyone else think this is the kind of advice the daily weather report should include? Are you listening Graham Creed?
5- Often at the same time. I imagine this got quite annoying. 
6- Hello new readers! My name is Alex and I make pies in the shape of police boxes. 
7- Because fat fires, flooded mini-golf and emergency ponchos is what the cool people do with their holidays.  
8- If anyone ever asked I would potentially be willing to stage an impromptu blog reading. 

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