Review: Living in The Real World

This is a review of Matty B’s show ‘Living in The Real World’, at the Sydney Fringe
On paper the premise seems flimsy- there’s a set, a worm puppet and a ninja. These are not things you should see in a comedy show. Given these elements, many comics would fall into gimmick. No so here. Matty B uses his bizarre props to push his trademark surrealism to its logical extreme.
‘Living in the Real World’ is the first solo show from Matty B, a long-time favourite at Newcastle’s comedy rooms and a rising star on the Sydney scene. Matty B is definitely one to watch.
The Container at The Factory Theatre could be described as ‘intimate’. It could also be described as ‘a shipping container’. The stage is lavishly adorned with plastic greenery: vines, flowers, a picket fence and a large cartoon bee. The show begins with ninja pashing a clipboard and pen around the audience. We are asked us to sign away our notion of reality on the dotted line. 
As a fan of his open mic sets, I had high hopes for this show and it didn’t disappoint. Matty B crafts his absurd one-liners into coherent stories of expeditions to the coffee shop, songs comparing love to STDs and a hilarious (yet convincing) rant about why rum in a can is far worse than marijuana.
Despite the cramped conditions, Matty B made the most of the space. His “docile yet cuddly” presence filled the small room, drawing the audience into his bizarre other reality.
This is an impressive, finely crafted show. It manages to perfectly balance high-concept humour with mind bending surrealism. If  ‘Living in the Real World’ is any indication, Matty B will be playing in venues much larger than a shipping container before too long.
I highly recommend surrendering your notion of reality to Matty B. You won’t miss it anyway. 

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