Riddle me this

To celebrate the end of the year (What? You’re not doing an Arts Degree and therefore still have stuff to do? Never mind. You can just pretend) we, at Adventures in TV-Land, have a special treat.

*drum roll*
I am very proud to present our first ever competition!
In case you were wondering this is something you should be excited about. I’ll give you a minute to get adequately excited. We good? Ok.

Below you will find ten cryptic clues. They have been written for your puzzling pleasure by the lovely Beth. Please give her a round of applause. Beth may now take a bow. The clues are really great. I am totally in awe of them. Not even kidding. When you work them out you will have a minor “THAT IS SO CLEVER!” moment. Guaranteed.

All these people are Australian comedians (with the exception of one who is more of a writer). I have short uninteresting anecdotes about each of them. A slightly nerdy knowledge of Australian comedy type things would be a major advantage right about now. That’s all the clues you’re getting.

All you have to do is unravel these conundrums and send an email to paper-bag-girl [at] hotmail.com with your answers. (Don’t leave answers in the comments. That’ll ruin the surprise for others). You have until the 1st of December.

Apart from glory and the people’s ovation forever, the winner will receive a mystery prize package.* The contents of the package, in the spirit of mysteries, is a surprise. I promise that it will be awesome. Cross my heart.

Are you ready for this? Have you considered the possibility this might be something you have to plan for? Yes? Ok.

1. Screaming Rubik’s Cube

2. Double bass-ed comrade

3. Franklie familial

4. Hoarding bell-ringer

5. Infant expander representative

6. Hardly barren of charm

7. Bespeccled leg of recurring 3’s

8. Where ceramics fear to tread

9. The Lois to Lumber-ley

10. The edge of devolution

Happy riddling.

*That will involve giving me a mailing address. Let me know if that’s not something you feel comfortable with. I’m willing to provide character references who can testify to my reliability as both a real person/not psychopath-weirdo-stalker and mail sender.  

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