Sanity (or lack there of)

When I work I always have a separate word document open. In this I type random thoughts as they occur to me. It’s how I write the “day in the life posts” but it also means I come out of every work period with a many page long document of my thoughts. They often make me worry for my sanity. Thus-

Should probably stop using words like “irrefutable”

Writing jokes about euthanasia. Just for something a bit light and easy.

You know what? I think that maybe the stories have a little bit to do with how much difficulty I’m having. Its hard writing jokes about euthanasia and paying drug addicts to have vasectomies. Aren’t there any idiots doing stupid things at the moment?

Things that have just appeared in the corridors- the packing for a 46 inch TV. Actual TV conspicuously absent.

I think that’s the sound of a fax machine. Do you know what that means? There is a GNW writer who gets their stories by fax. Welcome to television in the 21st centaury.

I want a biscuit.

Something that’s just occurred to me. The exterior structure of this building bears almost no resemblance to its internal structure. It connects to the building opposite via a bridge on the second floor. But I’m yet to see any evidence of an upstairs. There are round lumpy bits outside but I haven’t seen any round rooms.

“A novel new way” is not an all purpose phrase.

I’m not sure Michael Buble actually helps with the joke writing, but it certainly makes it feel more classy.

Am trying to dance to this song on such a small scale that nobody notices.

Can you get electrocuted by chewing on an iPod cable?

There is load music emitting from the room formerly containing writers. It is very, very loud. Also it sounds like someone is pointing a remote at it and bashing the mute button
“YEAAA *silence* EEEEER *silence* YEEEEEEEE *silence* EAH *silence*”

There may be an actual jazz band in that room. I would only be slightly surprised.

Corridor update- there is now a small wooden bridge. Its about two and a half metres in the air, two feet wide and would have involved sawing holes in both sides of the wall. Sitting atop it is what appears to be wireless internet modem. I am 90% sure this wasn’t there last week.

Not productive- moving my glasses up and down on my nose and observing how much bigger things are when I’m wearing them. This is however, quite amusing/interesting.

Oh zarquon. Fifteen minutes to deadline and this joke ship ain’t going nowhere.

I’ve never worked out why I refer to it as a “joke ship.” Probably because I like ships. Also I like pretending I’m a captain. On a ship. At every opportunity.

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