8.02am- Very, very tired. Can we add about 9 extra hours to the day so I can sleep more?

8.32am- Eat Mini-Wheats and cake for breakfast because nutrition, amirite.
9.27pm- Have to forgo waffles. Am not happy about this.
9.45am- Check in at the press room amid the usual exhausted chaos.
 11.15am- Learn more great stuff at the novel finishing workshop. Novel still not finished.
 11.45pm- Hayfever rears its ugly head again. The trees on Hunter Street are going to actually going to kill me.
11.50am- Arrive at the Collaborative Writing panel to discover the building is locked and our room contains no chairs. Collaboratively set up the room.
12.02pm- Have a really good time on the panel even if I feel a little like I tell the same Good News Week stories every year.
1.16pm- The memoir panel is like a can of sardines so boyfriend and I bail in favour of cheese and chutney toasties and sparkling apple juice.
2.04- Noodle Box, despite my various insistence to the contrary, has not closed down. We therefore buy lunch at this institution which has never closed down.
2.15pm- The violent wok fumes coupled with the tree spores are causing everyone to have horrible allergic reactions.
2.34pm- Walk down to Customs House and sit on the foreshore eating noodles and talking Twilight (Lizzy read it before it was ‘cool’).
4.26pm- Claim seats at literary trivia. Due to a lack of willing friends, we assemble a team of people we have just met.
 4.46pm- This trivia is intense. We cover the paper tablecloth in speculative answers.
5.32pm- They announce the results of round one. We appear to have accidentally got a bunch of points. We are wining.
5.54pm- Round two is suddenly a lot more tense now we’ve got something to prove. It is very hard. We are pretty sure we’re facing a violent fall from grace.
6.51pm- Waiting on announcement of scores. Tension is palpable.
7.33pm- We win. Sian may have yelled ‘SUCK IT LOSERS’ at Ben Law. Ben Law may have given us the stink eye before the whole trivia war broke out.
7.36pm- Text my mother about winning trivia. Because it feels like something she should know about.
7.15pm- At home getting ready for the ball. Rachel and I manage, against the odds, to apply fake eye lashes without blinding me. I am dressed as a giraffe.
8.45pm- Head back into town. Get heckled about 15 times during the short walk to the Great Northern. Probably because I am a giraffe. We’re invited to one house party.
9.01pm- Entering the pub in a stretch Jeep is one of the greatest things I’ve ever been part of. I imagine seeing seven writers suspended between two cardboard boxes (or, ‘Jeeps’) is something to behold.
9.02pm to 3.12am- HIP HOP SAFARI.

The remainder of the evening is something of a happy blur. The band was excellent and the company delightful. 

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