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December – home

I spent the first minutes of 2018 on the beach. I’ve never actually spent New Year

October – Belgrave

Friday We drink pumpkin spice lattes even though its spring and I don’t like coffee. We

August – WA

  On Saturday Dana and I go to the market. We sit in the sun and

NYWF16 – Sunday

Usually if I get anything less than six hours sleep I dissolve into a puddle of


National Young Writers Festival 2013  Running down Hunter Street with an armful of zines, lanyard flailing


National Young Writers Festival 2013 I wake at 6:30 to the gentle sounds of Freya, still


National Young Writers Festival 2013 I wake up on Friday morning smelling of yesterday’s hamburger and


National Young Writers Festival 2013 TiNA starts early for me this year. On Wednesday night, I

What I learnt at EWF

Photo via EWF on Facebook I’ve always believed that I could be a writer. More than,