Dear July,
Sunday, Part I: We got up early to watch Doctor Who. I had turned off my phone the night before, refused to look at any social media before we watched the episode. Somehow I’d convinced myself that there was a possibility that the Doctor could surprise regenerate into a woman this episode. And for that brief, glorious period before we watched it, I lived in a world where maybe that had happened.
Sunday, Part II: I went to Kaitlyn’s house. I made brownies, we ate brownies, we went outside and sat in the sun until the sun dipped behind a building, we made a pot of tea. We talked about the internet and Harry Potter and Twitter and the end of the world and that feeling when you let yourself fall deep into a fandom hole. We talked until the sun went down.
Sunday, Part III: I met the others at Trippy Taco and we ate food and shouted a lot about all kinds of things. Jakehas been sick for a month and so this is the first time we’d all hung out together in ages. We went to the pub across the road and Facetimed Penny, who is in Japan and passed her around and around the table. On a tram back into the city, we shouted some more. Mostly people laughed at us – cheerful and loud, on a Sunday evening.

Alex x

I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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