I stole these badges from a party I went to.
Then I lost one of these at a different party.
Social life FTW.
Six degrees of separation (apart from being a genuine scientific fact with an algorithm and stuff1) is one of my favourite games. 
For anyone who’s unaware, the idea is that every single person in the world can be linked together by six connections. So you know someone who once had dinner with someone who’s sister’s uncle’s best friend had an ex-girlfriend who once met Obama at a party. Or whatever.  
The scientific reasoning behind this is that it can help to track the spread of disease. In the real world mostly it just pleases the fangirls.2 
There are only six people between you and that one person you would give your left arm to meet. THEORETICALLY all you have to do is work out the connections.
Yes, obviously it’s a lot more complicated than that but shut up! You’re ruining the fantasy. 
I do, it is true, have something of an unfair advantage when it comes to this game. Namely during my time in TV-Land I’ve had any number of encounters which provide excellent connections. The comedy world is very small. I could probably find a path to any comedian in the world just by using Ian as a starting point. 
The other day I worked out what is my new favourite connection. Apart from being pretty awesome, its impossible to debunk it by saving “Yeah but you’ve written for GNW!”  Its got nothing to do with that. Six degrees does not discriminate.
I’ve interviewed Kirsten Drysdale3 who worked with Chris Luben on Hungry Beast who (according to this video) knows Liam Dryden from Chameleon Circuit. And do you know who else is in Chameleon Circuit? Charlie McDonnel4.
As part of National Young Writers Month we’re running a day-long mini-festival at the NSW Writers Centre on the 23rd of June. Coming to this event will increase your six degrees credentials by any number of points. Least of which because it means you can come and say hello to me5
Kirsten6 and Elmo Keep from Hungry Beast will be there. And Matt Okine is coming. And so’s Tim Pye who’s got a damned impressive IMB entry
AND if you’re one of those people who turn off the TV and read books and stuff we’ve got a bunch of people to get excited about on that front as well. Its going to be a full day of serious fun and, if you’re geographically convenient, I’m going to have to insist that you come.
Details here. Facebook event here. You should defiantly use it to invite everyone you know. Or just email nywm.nsw@gmail.com to reserve a spot. 
1- I don’t really know what an algorithm is. If you asked me to define it I would probably wave my arms and mutter something about numbers while wearing a pained expression. 

2- That and for playing Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.  

3- I originally interacted with Kirsten via the forums on the Hungry Beast website. No TV jiggery pokery involved. 

4- If you don’t know who Charlie McDonnel is there is a high chance you are not a women between the ages of 15-30. But seeing as most of my readers seem to fall into that category…CHARLIE! 

5- Seriously. If you come to this thing you are morally obliged to come and say hi. Whenever a reader contacts me my first reaction is “OMG DO YOU WANT TO BE IRL FRIENDS!” I really am that sad and pathetic. Not intimidating at all. Come say hi.*

6- Listen up fan-girls- the Hungry Beast peeps are coming. That means that, by attending, you not only get a day of awesome but you too can claim the Charlie McDonnell (or Alex Day if you’re that way inclined) six degrees connection. 

*If I find out you were there and didn’t say hi I shall track you down and lynch your kitten. Or berate you over the internet. One of those two things will definitely happen. 

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