Dear July,
I’m at the very beginning of trying to write what might be a big thing. There’s this idea I’ve had for ages and I think I’m finally ready to start writing it. It’s about the internet? And friendship? And friendship on the internet? To be honest I’m still working it out, but it’s definitely about those things.
I haven’t actually written any words yet, to be clear.  I’ve ordered some books. I’ve started reading one and underlined bits. I’m rambled incoherently at my boyfriend. I’ve thought about it a lot.  
I also have a two-hour audio file of a conversation with a friend. We recorded it sitting in her car, near the ocean. I was desperately nervous. When I told her I was nervous she asked me why. “Maybe analysing my friendships is a terrible idea,” I said. She laughed.
I’m 30 minutes and 5,000 words into transcribing that chat. It’s a lot. From what I have so far, there’s one line that I keep coming back to:  I don’t know when I stopped being afraid of people on the internet.
If you dig through these achieves, there are other projects that never saw the light of day. I’m increasingly hesitant to talk about things I’m writing because there’s every chance they’ll fizzle out. But, at the same time, there’s always a chance the spark will catch. 

Alex x
I’m posting a blog for every day in July. Letters to July was inspired by Emily Diana Ruth.

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