So what are they like then?

Here’s a picture of a ginger bread house and the inside of
our fridge. It has nothing to do with this post. 

Female/20/Australia (hello again!) during all that survey thing asked mw what all the people working on GNW are like in real life. That’s one of the questions I get asked a lot in Real Life. I realised I’ve never answered it on here and seeing as you peeps are a lot more awesome than most the people in Real Life, I thought you deserved an answer too. 

To be honest I don’t really know a lot of the people who work on the show personally. For example, I’ve never been officially introduced to Claire or Mickey. But I did once tell Claire how to spell Konichiwa. There’s also the minor issue that “all the people” working on the show constitutes quite a lot of individuals. I’d like to tell you about everyone but that would take forever. So here’s short-ish list.  

Basically everyone is really very nice. And I’m not just saying that. I’m going to keep using words like ’nice’ and ’lovely.’ You’re going to have to deal with it.  

Paul is amazingly good at what he does. It is seriously impressive to watch him wind up an unresponsive audience. He also swears a lot. Like a lot a lot. More than you’d really think possible sometimes. Its pretty awesome to listen to. I was a teeny bit scared of him for a long time.

I think Mikey is actually funnier during filming than in the show which goes to air. He reminds me a bit of my friend Sean (which will mean something to some of you). He seems to always arrive wearing a polo shirt and jeans. 

Claire seems lovely. I think she makes a real effort to talk to the people who come on the show. I remember when Marion from Master Chef was on, she was sitting in one corner by herself looking totally out of her depth and Claire went over and started chatting. 

Ted Robinson is the Executive Producer. He actually remembered me last time I was there. He shook my hand over the table during script read, paused and, while frowning intently said “We’ve met before…” This pretty much made my day. Once you start reading credits you’ll be surprised by how often you find Ted’s name. 

I can’t talk about Ted without mentioning Pam. Pam Swain is one of the other producers. I heard her and Ted described as the “godparents of Australian comedy.” And that’s probably true. Pam always comes over and talks to the interns. I’ve had a couple of proper conversations with her. Lovely. 

Then there’s Ian, Head Writer. You know who he is already. So I’ll just give you a brief pause to think of some synonyms for ’lovely’ and ’nice.’ 

I haven’t met a huge number of the other writers. But I can rattle off their names. There’s Dave Bloustien who works out of the office. Its taken me quite a number of years to work out how to pronounce Dave’s surname and I still don’t know how to spell it without Google. Most mornings Dave will walk past and say “I’m going to the café if you want anything?” I never do, but its nice to be asked. 

I met Bruce Griffiths once. He seemed really nice. He had quite a lot of hair. I believe Warwick Holt and Mat Blackwell work as a team out of Melbourne. I’ve read bits and pieces of their blog which is now indefinably on hold but still worth a look. I can’t really tell you anything about Simon Dodd but look! He has a Wikipedia page!  Then there’s Paul Livingston aka Flacco. I once sat a row behind him during Sideshow rehearsals. 

And finally the cast of occasional writers and interns. Courteney Hocking, reasonably well known on the Melbourne comedy scene as part of Political Asylum. There are not words for her loveliness. Mikey Mileos who has a guest post to speak for him. 

There’s an enormous temptation to just start listing names now. There’s so many people who do so many amazing jobs. Maybe that’s why I’ve never done this post, I was always going to leave people out. 

Luckily there’s somewhere else with a much more comprehensive list- the GNW credits. Take a moment to browse them. I give those people their 0.2 seconds

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