Some media I have consumed and enjoyed

As you’ve probably gathered from my suddenly sporadic blogging schedule, I’ve been busy. The Emerging Writers’ Festival kicks off this week and, therefore, so do the events I’ve been working on as an Artistic Producer. Several months of emails and Excel documents are about to come to fruition and I’m rather nervous. Meanwhile, over at the National Young Writers’ Festival we’re neck deep in programming and artist selection. Plus we’re working on a super exciting secret project which is both secret and exciting. I’m also writing things and trying to eat vegetables and get enough sleep and keep our flat in a contained state of chaos. 
This isn’t to say that I have not had time to watch TV or read things or listen to things. I’ve made time in order to keep myself sane. Here are some things that have made me happy over the last couple of months: 
Downton Abbey
Inspired by this article by the lovely Elizabeth Flux I decided to watch season four of Downton Abbey which is something I’d been resolutely not doing because of that Christmas special. I was pleasantly surprised. There’s a lot to like about season four. Mary has so many suitors I legitimately thought two of them were the same person for three whole episodes. 
In a very similar vein, I was pretty reluctant to watch new Offspring. I was so, so mad when Channel Ten’s aggressive “someone will DIE” advertising more or less ruined what could have been an incredibly moving and tragic piece of television (Patrick died. It’s not a spoiler, it was practically national news). But I swallowed my doubt and, low and behold, the new season is amazing. I’ve laughed out loud more than once already. Plus Lawrence Leung as the bumbling Doctor Elvis is a welcome addition. 
Orphan Black
If you’re not already, Orphan Black is a bandwagon you should get on. I enjoy it a lot, even though I regularly have to hold onto boyfriend’s hand in a stress-induced vice grip. It’s clever and exciting and fun. And also quite stressful. Fun stressful. 
Grand Designs
A friend recently introduced me to Grand Designs on iView. Then boyfriend and I discovered that we can also borrow whole seasons from the library. Grand Designs on demand. We have developed a system where we watch Grand Designs while we do the dishes. This is an excellent system. All hail Kevin McCloud etc
I will never fully understand exactly why I am so obsessed with Master Chef but I’m pretty obsessed with MasterChef. And the new season is gooooooood, which is a huge relief after last year’s debacle
I was going to recommend the best book I’ve read so far this year, but then I realised that it probably isn’t a book. The best thing I’ve read this year would be a toss up between Saga (volume three) and Sex Criminals (volume one). Both of these things are comics. They’re also really, really amazing. If you don’t read comics then that is silly because comics are great. Other comics I have enjoyed this year include Rat Queens, Ms Marvel and Bravest Warriors.
Saga is worth reading just for the cameo by this seal in overalls. 
I can’t help thinking that there are two types of podcast listeners – the casual listeners and the hard-core addicts. I’m definitely the former and so I always feel a little under-qualified to recommend things. Having said that, two podcasts that I enjoy have recently started making episodes again after hiatus. For a good time, check out JoMad and Free to a Good Home.
I stumbled upon My Name is Yeh late last year while trying to find a recipe for something. It rapidly shot to the top of my favourite blogs list and has stayed there. It makes me happy.

Lately, when I feel as though the world (or, more often, our country in particular) is crumbling around me, I find a clip of Conchita Wurst and remember that sometimes good things still happen in the world.

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