Ten things

In a week that was also hard and strange and sad, here are ten things that made me happy:

1. On Sunday night, Alex and I ate tiny berry pies in bed by the light of the fairy lights that are strung along our window. We listened to Mystery Show which is super, super great at the best of times but even better when in a moodily lit bedroom eating pie.
2. On Tuesday afternoon, I sat in the near deserted Wheeler Centre with Liz. I made her a cup of tea and then told her she didn’t have to drink all of it but also I do find it pretty annoying when people don’t finish their tea. Liz  then proceeded to pointedly drink her tea at me for half an hour.
3. We went on a dumpling crawl. Mostly this involved eating too many dumplings at one place and then going to another place to drink too much wine. At the first place we were sitting right beside a window into the kitchen and we watched in awe as the ladies in the kitchen expertly folded dumplings. The ladies thought our awe was pretty funny. They laughed at us.
4. Rosie came back to our place on her way back to Lefa’s, where she was staying. She sat on our couch and drank tea. I opened an oversize block of chocolate and we chatted even though it was already late. 
5. For my birthday, Alex gave me an IOU for the David Bowie exhibit. We booked it ages ago and even though Wednesday wasn’t the day we were expecting it yto be, going to the exhibit was exactly what I needed. It was calm and absorbing to just look at amazing things, surrounded by songs that mean things to me. 
6. One of my goals at the end of July was to better stay in touch with people. Over the last week, I’ve been making a real effort to send people messages – just to say hi or to see how they’re going. It’s the best thing. Message the people you love openly and often. It’ll make your days better.
7. Five mornings a week for the last couple of months, I’ve started my day watching Cereal Time. Each video is exactly the length of time it take me to drink a cup of tea. Slowly, boyfriend has also become quiet involved and now we watch the videos together. They’re silly and fun and happy.
8. This week I read the entirety of Bad Machinery. I completely lost myself in the web of intertwining stories and characters. It is very good. I’d recommend you read it, only it is very long and it takes a very long time so its ok if you dont want to.
9. I went over to Rachel’s for a mini-NYWF working bee. We sat on her couch and slowly worked through emails while talking about the festival and the program and the holes we haven’t filled yet. Afterwards we went and ate curry. 
10. Yesterday we launched the call-outfor emoji stories for NYWF. This is the culmination of a several ridiculous ideas that we had for the festival but that I never thought would actually happen. It’s going to be such a ridiculous joyful thing.

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