That is not a joke. That is an irrelevant piece of your thoughts.

Further exploration of my sanity…
(A throw back to a post I did in November. ‘Cause I’m cool like that.)

So Word wasn’t being kind to me. It was lulling me into a false sense of security, waiting until I hadn’t saved for a significant amount of time and then pouncing. Like some kind of big cat. One with no elegance or redeeming features.

“The server understood the request but refused to fulfil it”? Seriously?

Well this isn’t going all that well is it?

Confirmed- not only does GNW still have a fax machine, they actually use it.

So I did, for a moment there, think that what I needed was more information. Then I realised I was about to type “Spanish prostitutes fluoro jacket police” into Google. That could have been interesting.

Deary me. I do wonder about this job sometimes.

Which sounds better- “enormous bosoms” or “massive breasts”? Choices, choices.

Now in the corridor is a large amount of curly blue cabling. Also there’s a picnic basket tied up with ocky straps. That’s been there for a while now.

Corridor addition- a series of very large flat packages. All very big  and thin but different sizes and shapes. There’s about seven of them, all pilled against the wall.

Helped an extra for a mardi gra scene in Rescue Special Ops. He was lost so I showed him to the gate and told him how to work the buzzer. Made me feel slightly important.

I love the clack clack sound my keyboard makes when I’m typing. Especially when I’m typing really fast. You know what would make typing faster? Less capital letters and punctuation marks.

Love the sound of scripts sliding off the photocopier.

Beware the exclamation mark.

So today I’ve had ideas for an article about comedy writing, a children’s television show and a poem about exclamation marks.
(Note- I cannot remember a single one of these ideas.)

Do know what the ironic thing is? I’m writing about energy drinks while quietly falling asleep at the desk.

Equates. Is equates a word that would be suitable to my purposes?

When the prostitute rang police, she was naked, screaming and locked in a cupboard. I find this image more than slightly amusing. Certainly slightly more amusing than I should.

That is not a joke. That is an irrelevant piece of your thoughts.

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