The Day of The Doctor

Yesterday was a good day. You know when sometimes you cry because you’ve got too many emotions and they overflow and leak out your face? I just love Doctor Who so much you guys.
The 50th was a great episode. It was for the old fans and the news ones, the occasional and the dedicated. It was wonderful. And so was ‘The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot’ which is arguably as good as the episode itself (watch it now, if you haven’t). And An Adventure in Space and Time was just wow. And overall I just don’t know how we managed to fit that many hours of near perfect television into a single day.
At the end of the day we were full and happy and sleepy. There had been jammie dodgers and adipose marshmallows and TARDIS pie and soufflé and jelly babies. Lunch was fish fingers and custard. The companion version of Guess Who that we made specially was heavily road tested (and is confirmed to be excellent). We went for a long walk and scrawled the words ‘BAD WOLF’ all over the pavement of our neighbourhood and on multitude surfaces in the nearby park (we paid particular attention to the pedestrian crossing outside the school because we thought the kiddies might appreciate it this morning). And then we stayed up far too late and watched everything a second time and several extra things for the first time and talked and talked and talked until we conceded that it must be time for bed.
I’m not sure that little twelve-year-old me, discovering the show for the first time, could have imagined a day like this.

This concludes our Doctor Who weekend extra-blog-a-thon. You can read the other two posts here and here. And if you’d like more Doctor Who goodness for your brain you can check out this post that I wrote, this one Lizzy wrote or this one Britt wrote. Also listen to Splendid Chaps.

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