The end of the world is nigh

10:37AM- I get the Debate topic as I’m in the final stages of an essay about sonnets. First thoughts? An obscure Hitchhiker Guide to the Galaxy reference. This is a good start.
10:45AM- Can’t say I’ve ever written jokes while walking before. Am power walking to uni with a piece of paper in one hand and a pen in the other, scribbling down ideas.
10:46AM- Probably convince several people of my insanity by muttering “THIS IS THE END OF THE WORLD!” as I walk.
10:51AM– I wish I could say these notes were actually written in short hand rather than just looking like they are.
11:03AM– Writing jokes in a lecture on Medieval History. This makes me a bit sad really. Gone is 2010 when I could pretend to be a proper writer for a day. Back to ridiculous multitasking.
11:40AM– I’ve written a page and a half of jokes. This is good. The zero knowledge I have gained about the crusades is possibly not.
12:45PM– Walk home very fast, make tea and fling myself in front of the computer to frantically type out what I’ve written.
12:50PM– Does Antarctica have penguins? I know one of the poles doesn’t have any penguins. Is it Antarctica?
1:01PM- How do you spell brimstone?
1:47PM– Writing jokes about natural disasters. I’m sure there’s a thick black line of good taste around here somewhere but I’m not really sure where it is.
3:45PM- Another walk to class with paper in hand. What is my life.
4:05PM- Made it to the tute. On time. Despite the desire to write myself a note saying “Alex is excused from this lesson. Australian comedy needs her.”
4:15PM- There’s a girl behind me wearing a shirt with Che Guevara on it. I’m very tempted to turn around and tell her that Che was a bit of a homophobe. I’m not sure how that’d go as a method of introduction.
4:52PM- Another fast walk home. I would have liked to have my stuff sent away by now.
5:13PM- Click send. I know I got some good stuff in there but I don’t really feel like I gave it my all. Stupid uni.

8:36AM- More stuff. Midday deadline. I’ve got a lecture from 9 til 11. Excellent.
8:45AM- Walk very quickly to uni via a printer to print material so I can work on it during the lecture. Make mental note to seriously consider buying a printer.
8:59AM- Arrive at lecture alive. This is something of a feat considering I walked here with my head in the pages of stuff. I’m prone to near death experiences on good days.
9:05AM- One of my new friends ask what I’m doing. I show him my crumpled and scribbled on printed pages and tell him I’m writing for the Debate. He asks if he can touch it.
9:33AM- This lecture is far too interesting. Not getting enough work done.
10:54AM- “Where are you going?”
“To meet my midday deadline.” *runs out of lecture theatre*
11:34AM- I suppose that an hour of frantic writing is probably equivalent to two hours of spasmodic writing. Isn’t it?
11:54AM- Thing is that I’m doing an Art Degree so I can write. It seems ridiculous that my Arts Degree is getting in the way of writing.
12:00AM– Sent.

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