The most embarrassing moment of my life

I don’t know why I decided to confess.

On Saturday night I found myself handing a CD to Scott Edger of Tripod to sign. I’d just seen (the rather excellent) Tripod vs. The Dragon at the Sydney Opera House with my friend beccamarsh.

Suddenly I was saying the words- “I was the intern who gave you a packet of Guide Biscuits on episode ten of The Sideshow.”

Gatsey- “That’s remarkably specific.”

Me- “It was the most embarrassing moment of my life.”

Scod- “Well I don’t know if it makes I better or worse that I have no recollection of it.”

When I was in about Year 8, Tripod were huge. There was even a black market in burnt CDs. One copy of Fegh Maha magically bred and its offspring can still be found scattered all over the country. I refused to listen to them. Not because I didn’t like their music but because I knew it would annoy my friends. When I did finally get into them (just as it finished being cool) I already knew all the words from having the songs sung at me for three years.

As a result I found myself in Maths, the Friday before I started my internship at The Sideshow, writing a letter to Tripod. It began with a phrase which has passed into beccamarsh and alex history- “My name is beccamarsh and I am Alex’s one and only friend.” It was folded, Tripod were drawn on the front in stickman form and the whole thing was sticky taped to a packet of chocolate coated Girl Guide biscuits.

By the following Thursday the packet was looking rather worse for wear. Sitting in the ABC studio watching Tripod rehearse I somehow ended up mentioning the biscuits to Ian. He, of course, thought the whole thing was rather hilarious and uttered the fateful words- “I’ll introduce you.”

That is how I came to stand in front of Scott Edger from Tripod and hand him a battered packet of Girl Guide biscuits.

“So you’re Alex?”


“According to this you only have one friend.”

Later I bumped into Scod outside the toilets back stage.

Scod- [on the subject of my jokes] “Hey, get a laugh?”

Me- “Oh, yeah one of them.”

Scod- “The other one not so much?”

Me- “It was an intro.”

Scod- “Which one?”

Me- “The first one. ‘Lock up your daughters’”

(Lock up your daughter were the first four words I got on television and remain four of the proudest seconds of my life)

Scod- [laugh] “Cool”

That was one of the first moments when what I was doing really hit me. Immediately afterwards I had to go and stand with my head in the corner of the toilet cubicle and scream silently until I felt I could behave like a normal person. The moment at the Opera House on Saturday was like that. We’d come straight to the show from a GNW filming at the ABC. Only hours before I’d been sitting in Claire Hooper’s dressing room talking to Ian about Korea. Tomorrow I start a two week internship with GNW. Sometimes I still wonder how my life turned into this.

So in answer to your question, Scod- it doesn’t matter in the slightest if you remember or not. You remembered who I was for a couple of hours and even make the effort to be actively nice to me. For a small, scared fifteen year old intern that meant a lot. It was because of that kind of nice-ness that I vowed to come back. And here I am, almost three years later, with a lot more than four proud seconds under my belt.

(Dear reader, thank you for reading. If you have any questions about TV-land you’d like me to address, leave a comment!)

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