The season with the fruit

Ever wondered what season three of Doctor Who would look like if it was made with zero budget, in a single morning and all the actors were fruit? Well wonder no longer.
Smith and Jones
Doctor Orange meets Martha Banana and they go the the moon. Afterwards Doctor Orange takes off his tie to impress Martha Banana because he’s a bit of a scamp.
Doctor Orange and Martha Banana get stuck in traffic and meet some giant crabs. Afterwards Doctor Orange catches up with an old (albeit mild) friend who tells him some cryptic and easily misinterpreted news.

Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks
Doctor Orange and Martha Banana go to America and find some Daleks. The Daleks do their usual thing and exterminate some people and also build the Empire State Building. Andrew Garfield is wasted.

The Lazarus Experiment
Doctor Orange and Martha Banana go to a party. Mark Gatiss turns into a scorpion and then gets naked (and dead) in a church.
Doctor Orange and Martha Banana find themselves on a spaceship that is falling into the sun. Martha Banana wanders off and accidentally gets thrown into the sun in an escape pod. Luckily, Doctor Orange comes to the rescue.
Human Nature
In an attempt to evade capture by their enemies, Doctor Orange turns himself into a banana. Forgetting his past as an orange, John Banana Smith falls in love with a banana named Joan. Martha Banana is sad/jealous.

Family of Blood
Discovered by their enemies, John Banana Smith must face a terrible choice: turn back into an orange and save the world, or live happily as a banana.
With Doctor Orange and Martha Banana trapped in the past, Sally the Sparrow must solve the riddle of the Weeping Apples and save the day.
Jack Lemon clings to the outside of the “TARDIS” and travels through the time vortex. He helps Martha Banana and Doctor Orange save the last of humanity – but at what cost? (It is no coincidence that the TARDIS is a juicer.)
The Sound of Drums
Doctor Orange faces an old nemesis: Master Orange. Master Orange takes over the world, enslaving all the bananas and turning poor Doctor Orange into a mandarin. 
Last of the Timelords

Martha Banana travels the world, trying to find a way to overthrow Master Orange. All the fruit come together and say Doctor Orange’s name in some kind of weird prayer which somehow changes Doctor Mandarin back into an orange. Then Master Orange dies.

The End.

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