The Second Annual Adventures in TV-Land Readers Survey

Its that time of year again! When instead of writing a blog I compose an overly elaborate Google form to gauge your opinions of my humble blog.

This really is invaluable. With any luck it will help me make the blog better, or at least fill it with more of what you actually want to read. This isn’t a fruitless exercise! At the end you shall be rewarded for your pains!
This year’s reward took the better part of a day, a crew of five and a super-human bout of insanity to create. Here’s a teaser- sky turkey.

All you have to do to gain access to this awesome-ness is answer a few simple questions. A heap of them are multiple choice.

So without further adieu, here’s the survey. Thanks you in advance.*


PS- Next Sunday is Christmas Day. Christmas is the one week a year I have off so I’ll see you all in a fortnight. Merry Smithmas and a Happy New Sherlock.

*Thank you redeemable once survey has been completed.

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