The Weasley Jumpers

The edge of a flu was threatening to engulf me and so I decided to stay home, out of the cold and damp. I don’t usually miss Quidditch but I had less than no desire to succumb to the illness.
The Weasley Jumpers won their first game that night. Just like that. After a year and a half of losing, my team won a game. And I missed it.
The Weasley Jumpers (as many of you know) is the Quidditch team that I founded last year. ‘Founded’ isn’t really the right word… curated? Accumulated? Encouraged into existence?
I’ve talked a lot about what Quidditch means to me. About how, in my first year of university, it was a life-line. The majority of the friends I now have in Newcastle have come directly out of those original team members.
The Weasley Jumpers are one of only two teams who played in both 2011 and 2012. We’ll be the only team as of this semester. People know The Weasley Jumpers. We dress extrovertly and play like no one’s watching. But more than that- this year we got good.
Two weeks after our first victory, I had an exam until 7pm. Thus, I arrived half-way through our game to see The Jumpers casually beat their opposition. Like it was something we did all the time. That match (plus a tie earlier in the season) was all we needed to push us a up the leaderboard.
This year The Weasley Jumpers made it to the finals.
On finals night we won our first game by default. According to the official rules each team must field two players of each gender. Our opposition found themselves one girl down and without any willing subs. We all found it slightly ridiculous that The Weasley Jumpers, once known as the only all-girl team in the league (before we started playing by proper rules), were being asked to accept a forfeit based on the gender rule. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really want to. I wanted to play the game and lose gracefully to The Hoopy Froods (whose team colour is “towel”).
As it turned out that’s exactly what did happen. We played the match despite the forfeit and The Jumpers fought gallantly, losing by a respectable margin.
Then we had to play in the final.
The final was one of the hardest matches I’ve ever played in. We were all exhausted, we’d put everything into the last game and had little time to rest in between. We were outmatched and outgunned by the Whore-cruxes but we played anyway. Several of our players almost died. I know a lot of people didn’t think we should have been in that game. Hell, WE didn’t really think we should have been playing that game. But that didn’t stop as playing as well as we possibly could.
Somehow The Weasley Jumpers placed second in the league. The Weasley Jumpers Memorial Wooden Spoon went to another team.
What we lack in skill we make up for with enthusiasm. We’re there every week. We play hard. We take the sport seriously but not TOO seriously.
For me The Weasley Jumpers embody what Quidditch should be.

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