The week in pictures

Sunday: cleaned, washed up, cleaned. Applied for six jobs. Read. Cleaned. Went for a walk in the freezing pinkish air. Ate banana dipped in Nutella while watching Grand Designs.
Monday: got up early. Wasted morning on hold to Centrelink. Boyfriend vacuumed. I washed up. Ate leftovers for lunch. Made a present tree to hold all the birthday presents we get to open when we come home. Caught a tram. Caught the Skybus. Caught a plane. Arrived in Newcastle and hugged people and saw dog and was happy.
Tuesday: Drove and drove and drove. Sang to tapes in the car. Stopped at the Service Centre and ate chips. Drove. Arrived at parent’s beach shack. Walked along beach with family and watched Hobbes leap along like the happiest dog in the world. Watched the sun setting over the ocean, mirrored in the wet sand. Played Lords of Waterdeep. Almost won.
Wednesday: sat in the sun in the backyard. Ate fruit. Read books. Played more Waterdeep. Made a pass the parcel. Blew up balloons.
Thursday: sat in the sun. Helped decorate backyard for brother’s 21st. Chopped food. Drank sangria. Greeted Lizzy and Tim and Rachel and beccamarsh and family as they arrived. Whacked taco shaped piñata with cricket bat. Ate too many lollies. Ate too much food. Drank too much sangria. Ate too much cake. Wrote rude words using sparklers and long exposure. Played boardgames. Ate cheesecake at 2am.
Friday: drank tea in the sun. Talked to people. Ate toast. Played boardgames. Went to beach. Bought a crazy amount of chips from the shop. Ate them while looking at the ocean. Played on the playground. Ate homemade pizza while playing Waterdeep.
Saturday: turned 23. Ate bacon and eggs cooked on the barbeque. Opened presents. Drove into town. Played D&D at shiny new town library. Gave my boots to some mould men (in game). Ate a gelatinous cube cake (IRL). Had Indian for dinner and ate so much food I almost burst.
Sunday: got up early. Walked along the beach. Played boardgames, all day, so many boardgames. Walked through the scrub and along the cliffs and past the ocean. Watched Grand Designs while eating barley and bolognaise. Was a bit sad because I don’t want to go back to rainy Melbourne where the light is grey instead of golden.

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