Things Alex learnt at Heywire day two

Heywire 2011

1- There are at least 57 uses for a teaspoon.

2- How to pitch an idea, something that’ll come in very handy when I’m selling my first block buster television series. Oh and on Thursday when we have to sell our ideas to the movers and shakers.

3- It doesn’t take a lot of time to come up with a killer idea.

4- Butchers paper is an under rated stationary item.

5- If you want to try your hand at invisibility, become a weather man and buy a blue shirt.

6- ABC staff are perfectly willing to be interrogated while making toasted sandwiches.

7- Radio headsets are really cool. I want some like that for my iPod.

8- Radio studios are seriously soundproofed. Like SERIOUSLY.

9- I want quite desperately to write radio comedy. Scripted radio comedy deserves to make a come back. All those in favour- *raises hand*

10- Television studios make me rather excited.

11- When packing during forty degree heat its important to remember that even though you can’t face the sight of jeans, you might need them where you’re going.

12- Random people are remarkably willing to have their photo taken with you in front of monuments.

13- Lake Burly Griffith is quite a long way to ride a bike around.

14- There are a lot of bikes in Canberra. Also fit looking jogging people.

15- The residents are more anal about the “keep to the left rule” than they are in Sydney.

16- Lawn bowls can become a very competitive sport remarkably quickly, regardless of the talent of the players involved.

17- The average coach can be easily transformed into a mobile disco with nothing but enthusiasm.

18- The world (or at least Australia) is a small place. I’ve got mutual friends with people here and one person knows the girl who make my jewellery.

19- You’re going to have something in common with everyone. Like EVERYONE. You could pull a random over in the street and have something in common.

20- The world would be a better place if we talked to people more. Took the chance to meet each other.

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